What is a Chromebook? (College Edition)


What is a Chromebook

What is a ChromebookWhat is a Chromebook? When Google releases a new product/service, it is sure to crush any competitors. The Chromebook is a laptop manufactured by Asus, Acer, Samsung, HP, etc. that runs Chrome OS, an operating system created at Google that is built for speed and stability.

The Chromebook is based around everything Google: Google Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. It is liquid smooth and super fast, but lacks major functionality that Windows/Mac laptops possess; however, don’t let this be a turn off. On top of any flaws, the Chromebook just works. It is very rare that you’ll have issues, errors or lag.

So what is a Chromebook exactly? Find out below.

 Operating System

What is a Chromebook googleAll the software on the Chrome OS is cloud-based. When you use Google’s free office-suite Google Docs, you are editing files directly on the cloud. While the device might save the file locally, it will sync with the cloud the first chance it gets. This is very helpful for college students because it protects you from hard drive crashes, file loss, etc. The problem is that people that don’t have access to internet often cannot utilize a Chromebook’s full power. Most colleges offer campus-wide internet nowadays, so this shouldn’t be a problem for the general population.


What is a Chromebook speedChromebooks are fast. Like, really fast. You can boot one up and start using it at it’s full extent within seconds. Google does an excellent job of keeping the software up-to-date and protecting the devices from any kind of virus or malware. For a college student, this will save you lots of time when travelling class to class. They are also super light, making it easy to carry around on a daily basis. For a Chromebook that has serious performance, check out the Acer Chromebook 13.

Battery Life

What is a Chromebook batteryThe battery-life on Chromebooks are generally excellent, because Google has optimized all their software for the device. However, this comes at a (large!) cost. Unlike a PC/Mac, you won’t be able to install any software you’d like. All the apps must be from the Chrome Web Store. While more and more developers are making their software available for the Chromebook, it will be years before we see a decent amount of software available for Chrome OS. This doesn’t mean that the Chromebook is unproductive, it just means that if you’re looking to do more than just browse the web, edit documents, watch videos, and listen to music, it would be wise to look at a PC/Mac instead. If you own an Android, Chromebooks play nicely with these devices for seamless switching between tasks from device to device to counter Apple’s Handoff.

If battery life is absolutely crucial to your study/work, take a look at the ASUS Chromebook 12-inch with an incredible battery life of 11 HOURS. If you need a bigger screen the ASUS Chromebook 13-inch is perfect too with still an amazing battery life of 10 hours.


What is a Chromebook priceWhat is a Chromebook’s main selling point? Chromebooks are cheap. With the average price for a Chromebook being $200, many college students with minimal needs for a laptop choose Chromebooks because it won’t exactly break their budget. Chromebooks will give you the most bang for your buck if you are looking for a laptop to just do some studying, research, and Netflix’ing.



Conclusion for College Students: If you’re looking for a laptop/notebook that will satisfy your needs for entertainment, document editing, browsing, etc., the Chromebook is for you. Don’t spend your money on an expensive Macbook or an unstable PC, just buy a Chromebook. Click here for Chromebooks picked for College Students.


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