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The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is a flashy, powerful 2-in-1 hybrid laptop from Lenovo. It’s a high-end ultrabook that tries to deliver at a price lower than the competition. Does the laptop deliver, or is the lower price a sign that Lenovo cut corners? Let’s take a look in this college-exclusive Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro review.


  • HD Webcam
  • Lenovo Voice Control
  • Flip-and-Fold design
  • Dolby Home Theater
  • Onekey Recovery
  • Backlit AccuType Keyboard


  • Screen Size: 13.3″
  • Screen Resolution: 3200 x 1800
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4500U (2GHz)
  • Memory: 8GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD
  • GPU: Intel Integrated HD Graphics 4400
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n
  • Average Battery Life: 9 hours
  • Weight: 3.06 lbs

Specs Review:  The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is another small 2-in-1 hybrid laptop with a 13.3″ touchscreen display. On the outside, there isn’t much to look at, though the keyboard is solid and reliable. Lenovo didn’t skimp on the screen, putting a 3200 x 1800 resolution display on the machine. The details are crisp and sharp, and colors are surprisingly accurate as well. Viewing angles are also good, which come in handy when using the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro as a tablet. When used as a tablet, the only issue some may come across is touching the keys on the keyboard when holding it. Of course, being a small issue, this shouldn’t deter you from flat-out refusing to buy this. The laptop is powered by Intel’s higher end Core i7 CPU, much in line with competitors’ offerings. With it and the laptop’s integrated graphics, you won’t be able to play most games past medium settings, but day-to-day tasks will be a breeze. In addition, the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is fitted with 8GB of RAM. This is more than enough, so long as you don’t plan on working with heavy photo and video editing software. Also included on the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is a 256GB SSD. This will serve as plenty if you wish to only store documents and a few photos, and will allow your laptop to boot up at a lightning pace. If not, Lenovo also offers a cloud solution as well for all of your multimedia. As is with most other laptops, your usual wireless connections are on board, including Bluetooth*. Connecting to the internet on campus shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Moving on to battery life, Lenovo promises a whopping 9 hours of usage. There is a catch, however. This only refers to standby usage, which is essentially useless, since the point of a laptop is to actually use it, not let it sit around doing nothing. Because of this, Lenovo is only promising 6 hours of video playback. In a normal scenario, one can expect about 7-7.5 hours of usage. While it’s not bad, the misleading specs still make it seem disappointing, especially compared to other ultrabooks on the market.

Software-wise, Lenovo included its usual suite of software in the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, including its cloud services and Onekey Recovery, the excellent data backup and restoration service. Also included is a 30 day trial of McAfee LiveSafe, if you are into being notified about the possibility of potential viruses on your laptop every single boot. There are other bits of software too, like Skype and Amazon Kindle.

*Make sure to buy the newest version of the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Previous models were plagued by Wi-Fi issues. This seems to have been fixed in the newest version.

Customer Review Summary (from online reviews):

  • “This was enough to make me give up my Retina Macbook Pro and go back to Windows”
  • Best Ultrabook you can buy under $1500″
  • “It is a very good laptop, easy to carry”
  • “With the i7, 8gb RAM, and the SSD, this computer FLIES.”

Conclusion for College Students: Lenovo certainly didn’t cut corners with this product, as the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is a solid entry in both the 2-in-1 hybrid laptop and ultrabook markets. Its specs will likely remain high end (for a non-gaming laptop) for several more years, and the battery can last long enough to get through most days. Those looking into studying economics will be right at home with a laptop like this. Its powerful processor will be able to handle the CPU-intensive models one can expect to face during his or her studies, and the 2-in-1 hybrid aspect will let one relax after class and enjoy some movies or light browsing. The high resolution display may be a bit overkill at the moment for what most are looking to do with the laptop, but can be thought of as an added bonus for owners.

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