How to Choose the Best Laptop for College



How to Choose the Best Laptop for College

Every year, students around the globe are met with the one big question: What laptop should I purchase for college? Well, this question is more complicated than you might think. If you walk around a college campus on any given day, you will see that almost every student has a laptop. Laptops are essential for college students, and it is more than important to pick out the right one to suit your needs as a student, and get the best student discounts. In this guide, you will learn how to choose the best laptop for college that catered to your needs.

The Golden Question

Before you start to search for a laptop, you have to lay out what exactly it is that you want in a laptop. To find this out, think about exactly what kind of things you will need to be doing. Think about what major you are in, and what software you will need to be able to run. Think about TV shows and movies that you’d like to see, and how often you watch these sort of things. Think about how much you’ll be taking your laptop to class, the coffee shop, the library, etc. It is a lot to think about after all!

So ask yourself again, “What exactly do I need in a laptop?”.

Picking out Essential Features.. aka. More Questions

What features do you absolutely need in a laptop?

Do you need a touchscreen?

Will you need a lot of hard drive space, or will you rely on the cloud?

Will you need to have a strong enough laptop for playing video games or running graphically intensive software?

Will you be rendering videos & modelling 3D objects, or do you just need to browse the web & watch some Netflix?

Will you have tons of money to spend, or do you need something cheap that simply works?

The Final Question

You can finally ask yourself, where and how will I find a laptop to perfectly suit my needs as a student and be the best laptop for college for me?

The Answer

The answer lies in this very website, Laptops4College. On our site, you will find laptop reviews, guides, best of lists, roundups, news, and much more to help you find and pick out the perfect laptop for you as a student no matter your situation. We review cheap and expensive laptops. We review light and powerful laptops. We review Chromebooks and gaming laptops. We have it all right here at for you to find your best laptop for college.

You can get started by simply browsing the site, starting from our homepage.


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