Dell Precision M4800 (College Review)


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The Dell Precision M4800 is considered of as “The World’s Most Powerful 15″ Workstation”. It’s high graphical capability matched with its durable design make it a perfect option for the college student looking for a little extra computing power. Can the Dell Precision M4800 be the laptop you take to college? Find out below in our comprehensive, college-exclusive Dell Precision M4800 review!


  • 4 USB-3.0 Ports
  • Lock Slot
  • Wireless Compatible
  • 9-in-1 Media Card Reader
  • 1 HDMI Output
  • DVD-Writer
  • Finger Print Reader
  • Fast Response Free Fall Sensor


  • Screen Size: 15.6″
  • Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Processor Type: Intel Core i7 (Dual Core 2.80GHz)
  • Standard Memory: 8 GB DDR3L
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB
  • GPU: AMD FirePro M5100 with 2 GB GDDR5
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Average Battery Life: 4 hours
  • Weight: 6.35 lbs

Specs Review: When you first look at the Dell Precision M4800, you’ll notice that it weighs in at 6.35 lbs. That may seem like it may be a chore to carry around with you; however, the Dell Precision M4800 only outweighs the average laptop by about 1 lb. The sacrifice in weight reduction is well worth the extra computing power. The AMD FirePro series of graphics cards are most well-known for their mobile-workstation capabilities. The FirePro series offer certified drivers for 3D software for work with CAD (computer aided design) or other CPU heavy processes. The 500 GB hard drive is on the low end for a computer designed to be a workstation but will be able to suit your storage needs for a while (you will probably want to get an external hard drive). The 8 GB of memory is at industry standard level and will be well-suited for most any workload you put it through. This should handle your needs for the years to come. The 15.6″ 1366 x 768 display will allow for you to see great detail for any project you are working on and will display videos and pictures in crisp HD. The battery life of 4 hours is not anything to write home about. You will find yourself trying to find a plug multiple times throughout the day, slowing your work down. If battery life is your main issue, Dell offers larger batteries to be purchased, for a price.

Conclusion for College Students: The Dell Precision M4800 is designed to be a powerhouse and it does just that. The battery life won’t let you stay charged for long if you unplug but will give you the power you need to run CAD and other design type programs. This laptop would be perfect for an engineering major who spends most of their time designing and testing. If you don’t plan on using all of the processing power the Dell Precision M4800 has to offer, you would be better off purchasing a more tame laptop, something that has a longer battery life but can stick run your basic programs. Despite it’s downfalls, the Dell Precision M4800 is a great laptop for any college-bound student who needs a lot of power and doesn’t care too much about style.




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